Moving out

2013-01-12 19:32:43 by Kinosei

I'm not gonna sand any more songs here on NewGrounds, and I'm deleting some old songs, and you can download them here: each one for just US$0,98.
Also, you can follow me on Soundcloud and have the latest news from me:
Thanks ^^

New NG

2012-03-10 09:29:34 by Kinosei

I'm kinda confused in this new Newgrounds appearence... How I see who has me in their favorite list?


2010-08-22 12:01:27 by Kinosei

VST Plugins I use in FL Studio 9 to create my songs:
-Edirol Orchestra
-East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra and Stormdrum
-Arts Acoustic Reverb

And audio Packs as:
-Vengeance Clubsounds Vol1, 2 & 3
-Vengeance House Vol1 & 2
-Vengeance Electro
-Vengeance Sound Effects Vol1 & 2
-Some sounds made by me

That's the time'

2010-04-24 21:56:13 by Kinosei

I'm learning a lot about making musics and they're getting better each time. I hope you all enjoy my mu8sics, and please, comment on them, so I can know what I need to improve for the next song!

Last submition

2010-03-20 00:01:44 by Kinosei

I was excited about my last music, so I uploaded it early. I didn't finished it, I need to fix alot of things. And I need to make it longer. So, I've deleted and I'm going to upload soon, when I really finish this music. Be conected!


2009-12-19 10:42:32 by Kinosei

anything to say............

Composing Classes

2009-11-29 00:45:51 by Kinosei

Soon I will start to have a composing class, so my musics will be better and I'll make more often. Now, it's just wait.

Soon musics!

2009-08-31 15:46:00 by Kinosei

There it is! My lastest 2 songs, the best ones.
Feel free to comment and listen! =]